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"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." --Henry David Thoreau
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A Financial Planner Can Help Answer...

How long will my retirement money last? Do I have the resources to do those things I've looked forward to doing?

Should I save for my child's education, my retirement or both?

How do we make a reasonable budget that the whole family will can buy into?

Healthcare, long-term care, life insurance and annuities - how do these fit in my financial plan?

Many other issues that impact the financial well-being of yourself and loved ones throughout your life and beyond.

UnCommon Wealth Financial Planning...

Promotes a life well-lived that thrives on the development of the body, intellect, and social well-being and is not dependent solely on those things that assets can provide. Only then can you control your money, not your money control you. (more...)

Encourages you to increase & protect your personal wealth by guiding you to take on as many financial tasks as you feel comfortable with and have the time for and to seek help when your skills and time do not allow.

Believes your financial well-being should reflect your personal values and that your financial decisions should be based on your values, not those of your neighbor.

Provides guidance in selecting the appropriate mix of financial products that best meet your timeline, risk tolerance and social values goals.

Provides Fee-Only planning and Services. Fee-only planners receive no commissions or fees from investment or insurance products recommended.

Recognizes that some who need advice most are least able to afford it. Sliding scale rates are available.

Claire Felong...

is a California CPA and brings 20 years experience with IRS and many years volunteering in treasury, finance and leadership in community organizations. (more...)

Values lifelong education of clients, community and self. She is committed both as teacher and as a participant, both in financial matters and joys of living.

Brings broad professional & personal experience in taxation, investing, elder issues, educational planning and cash control. (more...)

Believes we are stewards of all earth's gifts that, when used wisely, may be passed on for generations to come. She promotes a light footprint through such business practices as recycling, reuse, energy conservation and green purchases.

UnCommon Wealth Financial Planning
Claire Felong CPA
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